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Uncured cover rubber sheet

  • BKR102

Product details

Cover rubber(cover plate) is an uncured rubber for hot vulcanized belt splicing. It is designed for use as a cover rubber replacement material in splicing steel cord and fabric conveyor belts.The material is designed to bond to cured cover rubber in all standard grades of steel cord and fabric conveyor belts.


Cover rubber Features:
1.Enhances working life of steel cord belts splices 
2.Improves wear and tearing resistance on conveyor belt splices 

3,Eliminates surface contamination (normal application) with double sided poly 

4. For NR, IR, SBR, BR, CR,etc rubber belt splices


Cover rubber Spec:

1.Thick: 1 mm\2 mm\3 mm\4 mm\5 mm\6 mm
2.Width: 500mm 
3. Weight: 10 kg/roll


 Uncured Cover Rubber Sheet Parameter

Rubber Color


Poly Liner Color


Base Ploymer

SBR Rubber

Specific Gravity



55-60 Shore A

Rubber Tensile

2700-3200 psi

Rubber Elongation

400-600%(at break)

Shelf Life

6 months at 70°F or 12 months at 50°F

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